I - What is UpSim? 

UpSim is a software for clinical training and simulation for physicians, developed by UpHill company. It allows the physician to simulate his clinical practice for a given clinical case and receive a detailed feedback of his actions, according with evidence-based medicine.

II - When is UpSim used?

UpSim is a tool for training and learning purposes.  It is often used on the following occasions:

  • Clinical practice:  UpSim can be used as an exercise tool or for evaluation during a formation event or a workshop;
  • Clinical case discussions: The recreation of clinical cases is simple and allows physicians to discuss different paths taken and share their insights during a present session or online through the platform.
  • Clinical practice update: After each simulation, physicians receive a detailed feedback regarding the best practices up to date and they can access the evidence that supports each action. 

UpSim is not meant to be used as a direct support for clinical decision.

 III - Who are the case creators? 

All clinical cases available in UpSim were created by physicians and validated by a specialist. Any physician can request us to create a case of his interest.

IV - What is a course in UpSim? 

A course is a set of learning content and related clinical cases. Typically, a course is about a pathology and might contain one or more clinical cases.

V - Is UpSim only available for physicians? 

Yes. However, it is planned to have clinical cases dedicated to other healthcare professionals 😉

For other questions, you can contact our support team😊

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